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Been Outside
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amanda e.

Senior Journalist

Amanda Machado is a writer, educator, and facilitator who has been published in The Atlantic, The Washington Post, Harper’s Bazaar, Vox, Quartz, and Business Insider, and has worked as a social justice editor for Matador Network.  She has a degree in Nonfiction Writing from Brown University and currently lives in Oakland, California.

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Makshya is a writer and cook currently living in the Bay Area. She can be found at @processdaily, building a platform that affirms and celebrates the role that women of color play as chefs, potters, and storytellers in our communities. Makshya graduated from Stanford University, where she studied American Studies and Creative Writing.

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cj goulding


CJ Goulding (@goulding_jr) is passionate about facilitating growth in three things: people, community, and leadership. In his day job, he trains, mentors and supports a national network of over 330 leaders who are changing systems and creating equitable access to nature in their communities. This work draws from experience leading outdoor trips, conservation crews, and youth internship programs for the NPS. His essay "Why I Wear Jordans in the Great Outdoors" has been published and featured in culturally relevant outdoor curriculum across the country. He is an eager facilitator, writer, photographer, and lover of sharing and supporting stories. 


olivia vandamme


Olivia has a B.A. in Geography and Latin American Studies from California State University, Chico. She is woman of color who identifies as mixed race and Latina, and is now the Operations Manager for City Surf Project in San Francisco. She lives in El Granada, loves burritos, is a visual artist, photographer, musician, and will never stop exploring the outdoors.

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anahí naranjo

Social Media

Anahí Naranjo (@lapachamamita) is an environmental justice advocate and storyteller. Born and raised in Quito and Guaranda, Ecuador, she explored her own cultural ties to the land on her grandparents' maize farm in the middle of the Ecuadorian Andes from a young age. She was uprooted to the United States in 2002, where she began to see the disparities in access to healthy, green spaces in New York City. 

Anahí is an alumna of the Leaders in Environmental Action for the Future (LEAF) Program from The Nature Conservancy and the Doris Duke Conservation Scholar at the University of Washington. She received a B.A. in Environmental Studies from Middlebury College,  and, today, Anahí is the Community Outreach Coordinator at the Kingsbridge Heights Community Center in the Bronx and the NYC Outings Leader for Latino Outdoors.  


michael a. estrada

founder, creative

Michael is a UCLA-graduated photojournalist, EJ activist, and artist committed to elevating the voices of communities through story and visual representation. Find him on social media through or @brownenvironmentalist




josé gonzález


José G. González is the Founder of Latino Outdoors. He is an experienced educator as a K-12 public education teacher, environmental education advisor, outdoor education instructor and coordinator, and university adjunct faculty.

He received his B.A at the University of California, Davis, and his M.S at the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources & Environment. You can connect with him on social media @JoseBilingue.

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grace anderson

Advisory Council




kimberly au

research &

Kimberly Au (they/them or she/her) is a queer Chinese-American student studying Environmental Horticulture & Urban Forestry at UC Davis. Their passion for horticulture takes root in volunteering and interning at various park sites, as well as spending time in community gardens. In their free time, they like to garden, draw, play the ukulele, screenprint, and hike.


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