Faceit boost is typically an option where one can purchase boost from a direct level to the desired one. Under this option, one pays for level numbers, so if one buys a certain level on faceit, they will keep boosting until they get that level, and no matter how neck-wrecking it is and how long it will take.

This faceit boosting is usually available in 2 options- Solo Boost and Due/Lobby Boost. In solo queue boost, boosters can play on your account, and in duo queue, one can play with booters together in one lobby.

How To Buy Faceit Boosting

  1. choose your boosting
  2. make a payment
  3. order details
  4. boost begins now!

Faceit ELO

As a league, Faceit works on Faceit Elo Points. One can check their elo points on the page of faceit if one has a supporter or premium account or if one doesn’t wish to pay through 3rd party website. On faceit, one win will usually give or take +25 elo points. And the number of your points will depend on the differentiation of an average elo of one’s teams. If one meets a team that has a higher Elo’s sum from your side, you will eventually get more points for the win and likely fewer points for a loss.

How Does Faceit Boost Works

Faceit Elo boosting is known to be an option where one can purchase faceit boost per Elo points. You pay for Elo points as a result of this Elo point. They help you get your desirable points. This Elo option is possible in solo queue as well as duo queue mode. One can’t play Faceit; during elo faceit boost until the order is complete. They typically work from 12:00-20:00 only after that time allows you to play in other leagues with your friends.

Faceit Points

Faceit currency that is for service and in-game is considered faceit points. One can get that point by winning tournaments or by accomplishing missions open for users of faceit premium.

Faceit elo boosting is known as faceit win boosting. It is an act of enabling a higher-skilled player to log into one’s account and play matches on one’s behalf and elevate their account to a robust level or elo.