Michael A. Estrada

She Explores Podcast: Amanda Reports

Michael A. Estrada
She Explores Podcast: Amanda Reports

She Explores Podcast

via Amanda Machado

In April, BE journalist Amanda Machado partnered with the She Explores podcast to share reflection on some of the sincere conversations she had with women leaders at the NPCA Empowher Campout around healing and building community in the outdoors.

Organized by the National Parks Conservation Alliance (NPCA), a group of [majority Latinx] women gathered for a camp out and Civic Voice Lesson training at Leo Carrillo State Park in March. These women learned the ins and outs of advocacy and how to effectively use their voices to speak up for causes they are passionate about.

Listen to hear stories of: 

  • Personal early memories of outdoor experiences
  • Why “gear shaming” is a thing (but really shouldn’t be)
  • What it’s often like for Latinx to explain their love of the outdoors to their families
  • How the outdoors is healing for the women who attended
  • The ways in which this healing is unique to Latina women and children of immigrants
  • What the women took away from the experience
  • and so much more!

The full stories can be found in the She Explores podcast episodes linked below:

(Part 1) Episode 70: Breaking Ground for Others 

(Part 2): Episode 71: DIY – Advocating for Parks Near and Far