Ramblings on Biomimicry

Ramblings on Biomimicry

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the article featured on Melanin Base Camp

Photo & Essay: Michael A. Estrada

On Decentralization:


Decentralization allows for the whole or the greater purpose to be the focal point, and allows the collective effort to be longer lasting, more sustainable, and of course more resilient. I’ve been geeking out about this concept lately, and I think it’s because it gives me comfort that there might be some deeper energy that is naturally wanting us to find that balance, and it gives me hope that maybe all we need to do is start asking the right questions.
For movement building and activism, what are we trying to accomplish? Ideally, for pursuits of justice, we’re seeking balance and equity. So then, if each of us are distinct components in this bigger pursuit, how are we showing up to our work? Are we amplifying, making sure that others are being raised with us? Are we placing too great an emphasis on the individual (ourselves) rather than the greater movement (*cough tokenization)? Are we creating leaders, or taking too much space? Decentralization ultimately allows for flexibility, it allows for maneuverability, and it allows for failure. If one of us should fail or simply tire out, a decentralized movement can continue forth, unyielding because its power comes from many and not from one. Rather than a new hope — many new hopes! (Yes, Star Wars).

 Photo cred:  @mikey.ae

Photo cred: @mikey.ae