Estamos Aquí; REI

Estamos Aquí; REI

Estamos Aquí

June 6th, 2018 | José González

A new California resolution (Assembly Concurrent Resolution No. 137 Latinos: Environmental Protection and Conservation) recognizes the role of Latinos in protecting and conserving public lands. In this essay written for the REI Co-Op Journal, José Gonzalez (founder of Latino Outdoors) explains the significance of this measure and efforts to pass similar ones across the country.

He says, 

[This] is why California ACR-137 is important to me. It is a reminder and recognition of what we have, can and will contribute to the outdoors. It is like having your story, your heritage, included in the history book.
It is another affirmation and statement saying, “Estamos aquí.  (We are here.)”

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