Michael A. Estrada

#BeenOutside Campaign Launch

Michael A. Estrada
#BeenOutside Campaign Launch

#BeenOutside Launches

Our New Storytelling Campaign to
Reclaim and Amp Our Histories
in the Environment.

by BE Staff

Part of the work that Brown Environmentalist hopes to fulfill as a platform lies in shifting the narrative and paradigm around POC in the environment; specifically in our history, leadership, and ongoing deep relationship with nature. While traditional environmentalism ignores the contributions and leadership of POC environmentalism, BE wants to emphasize that POC have actually been outside caring, interacting, and protecting the environment for ages, and we still do the most to conserve it presently, as well.

Earlier this year, we announced “Been Outside” (follow and use the hashtag #BeenOutside on social media) — our new storytelling campaign and rally to celebrate the different and many ways that Black, Indigenous, and People of Color have spent time in the outdoors for generations and throughout history, and how bipoc continue to enjoy time outside today

We have many dreams behind this campaign, but at its core we hope that it’ll serve as a catalyst for bipoc to (re)connect, (re)discover or (re)imagine what outside means to us, and to explore both our personal relationship with nature, and our families’ and ancestors’ relationship with nature, as well.

We're also opening this up as a way for us to connect with you and hear your stories. Photo essays, quick thoughts, or even in-depth investigations are welcome. This is the first hashtag we’ll be following and intentionally seeking stories from anyone to post on our Instagram – so make sure to tag us (@brownenvironmentalist) and the hashtag.

Interested in Contributing?

If you're interested in contributing a piece to our Instagram and Been Outside Journal, here are some ideas to get you going:

Ask a family member for stories, look through photo albums, or think about the following questions to get you started:

  • How have you #BeenOutside? Does this differ from traditional outdoor activities? Why?
  • How has your family historically #BeenOutside? How have your ancestors interacted with the environment around them? What were the reasons?
  • What does being outside/outdoors mean to you?
  • How is your definition of outdoors or outside different or the same from the mainstream view?

The following are starters but not limitations. Please feel free to email us concrete, edited drafts and we can give you feedback if you need it. :)

If you have any questions, please let us know. We're incredibly excited to see all of what's to come.

—BE Staff

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